May 2005

Room 125

Howdy friends and neighbors…As I type this, I’m nursing a luke warm Diet Coke in room 125 of the Hotel Danube in Bratislava. I’m on tour with Sir Elton John and this is our latest stop.

Overseas, it’s difficult to keep up the Twins and baseball in general. People in Europe are mad for their version of football. It’s called the beautiful game. I find it boring to watch a bunch of men run back and forth for 90 minutes. Beautiful game my ***…

Thanks to MLB.TV I’m able to watch Twins games at will. Sometimes the time difference gets in the way of watching baseball on my PowerBook.

Over the course of this this season I’ll do my best to share my thoughts on being a Twins fan that lives in the Seattle area and never, ever lived in the great state of Minnesota.

I need to thank a few people before I sign off: Melissa Brody at MLB Advanced Media, Noah Garden at and Twins GM Terry Ryan for replacing the parts that leave at the end of each season.

For now, it’s off to dreamland…