London Calling

LondoncallingAfter a whirlwind five days of day baseball, MLB.TV, rehearsals, a Captain and Kid preview show and participation in Fashion Rocks, we left New York City and the 212 for the ++44.

Due to more jet lag and a six-time-zone difference between London and Minneapolis, I’ll have to settle for waking up and checking the scores first thing in the morning.

All day Saturday was spent at the Parkinson show waiting, and watching English TV in the green room.

Parkinson is a distinguished English television personality who is considered a national treasure. He’s funny, a good interviewer and personable. He is like Regis Philbin without the blustery manner and the love/a*s*s kissing of Notre Dame.

The last two nights I woke up knowing deep down the Twins had won. My deep down feeling was right as the Twins won Friday and Saturday nights. BOOF! BOOF! BOOF! Could this be the start of Boofmania???

The Sunday game starts at 7:16 PM London time. Dare I watch the game and potentially jinx the team? What do I wear that will bring the team good luck? I’ve got the rest of the day to figure that out. Time for a wardrobe non-malfunction and some Iron Maiden…


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