July 2005

Aarhus Denmark

The past few days have been a rollercoaster of emotions.
I consider London to be my second home. I spend so much time there and have many friends there that it’s become my adopted hometown.

I shed tears of joy for London’s landing the 2012 Olympics. Here, here, bravo and jolly good, I say!!!

I shed tears of anger and sadness for July 7’s senseless acts of violence. Why does religion have to be hijacked and ruined by extremists???

Lets move on to baseball… Congratulations to AL Player of the Week Joe Nathan. Good work fella!

As for the rest of the Twins, it’s go time. There is too much talent on the team to be 11 games behind the WHITE HOT White Sox.

The past few years the team has been a great second half team. It’s time to start playing like the team that won the Central the past three seasons.

What trades will Terry Ryan make??? Remember how the Shannon Stewart trade propelled the team into the playoffs???

I’ve haven’t seen the Twins on MLB.tv and I can’t tell why they are not winning more. Santana lost three in a row. Radke is 5 and 8. Lohse is his mediocre self. What the **** boys???

I carry a small Torii Hunter bobblehead with me. My friend, Steve Quinn, made a roadcase for Lil’ Torii. It may be time to bust out Lil’ Torii for a change of luck. Baseball is a game of tradition and superstitions. It’s time release Lil’ Torii’s magic mojo…

I return to the US on July 19. I can hardly wait to watch Baseball Tonight…

Congratulations to TOOL OF THE WEEK, Kenny Rogers. Your little out burst may have cost your team a playoff spot. Lets see how much money Scott Bore-*** can get you now.