From Poland to Yankee Stadium

Photos by John Mahon

New York City

Saturday/Sunday was a whirlwind of activity, travel, no sleep and baseball.

After watching the Twins beat the Yankees on MLB.TV from Sopot, Poland, we flew back to London after the show. We got to the hotel at Heathrow Airport at 3 a.m. We left for the terminal at 6:45 a.m. I ended up staying up all night as I was afraid of falling asleep and not waking up for four days. After getting felt up and abused by English airport security, I immediately passed out upon sitting in seat 64A on BA 117.

We landed at JFK in perfect weather for Labor Day baseball. Our travel agent, Dorothy Weintraub, graciously arranged four tickets to the 1:05 PM Yankees vs. Twins game.

What could be better than great weather and seeing your team play for the first time all year?

The first few guys got their bags and made it through customs in record time. It looked like I would make the game without missing much play. Five of use were waiting for the last two and it seemed to take FOREVER for them to make through customs and head out to where I was waiting with the vans.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I grabbed my bags, checked the band in and met bass player Bob Birch and percussionist John Mahon in the lobby. Also tagging along was Mark "HELLO NEWMAN" from MLB Advanced Media. The van driver was kind enough to run us out to The House That Ruth Built and Costanza Almost Ruined.

We arrived in time for March Rod’s three-run home run.*****,*****,*****! The game was downhill from there as the Twins hit ’em where they were.

March Rod may have broken out of his August slump but I’m confident he’ll be back to his usual 0-for-whatever playoff hitting. Maybe George Costanza can do the same thing for March Rod’s swing that he did for Danny Tartabull’s.

I am beginning to wonder if the new Moonlight Graham golf shirt I bought from is jinxing the team. Every time I wear it the team gets badly beaten.***** jinxed shirt. It might have to be part of the offseason wardrobe.

Thanks to John Mahan for taking the pictures in the photo gallery above. The Skillet Guy walks around with his skillet and gives fans a spoon so they can bang on it. If you see a skillet used as an instrument in any of the Elton John Band’s upcoming shows, then that’s where John got the inspiration.

The Twins head off to Tampa for three very important games. The good guys need to remember that last-place teams like the Royals and Devil Rays can be very dangerous this time of year. They may be out of their division races but there is nothing like playing the role of spoiler and preventing a team for making the playoffs.

I may not like the Yankees, but I respect Steinbrenner’s commitment to the team. I wish the Pohlad family would let Terry Ryan spend more than $66 million.

Think how great the Twins would be with Ryan’s baseball smarts, a fully stocked farm system and a $90 to $100 million budget. Imagine Alfonso Soriano at second base, Torii Hunter in center field, a rotation that includes both Santana and Liriano (sounds like a law firm) and the current bullpen!!! They’d play DEEP into October every season.

This week it’s rehearsals, two events in New York City and another flight back to London. As usual, I’ll be watching every game I can on MLB.TV.


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