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LONDON — I am so **** proud of the Twins. Taking three out of four from the same Tiger team that outscored the Twins 33 to 1 at the end of April is an amazing accomplishment. The team was left dead as recently as the first week of June.

Santana may have won the Cy Young with today’s performance. He may also get a few votes for league MVP.

I tried watching the game on MLB.TV. The picture ended up starting and stopping and starting and stopping. For a few seconds, the players looked like the Terminator when it regenerated itself after being shot. Lost in translation once again. At least there is GameDay 2006!

The Twins are winning without Radke and Liriano in the rotation. Who are Boof Bonser, Scott Baker, Willie Eyre and Matt Garza??? Where does the team find these kids? Six of the Twins’ staff of nine were born after I graduated from high school!!! THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT!!!

I know, I know, I know it’s a long way to Oct. 1 and anything can happen. I am not counting my playoffs before they hatch. My fingers are crossed tighter and tighter each day.

Enjoy today’s victory as there is another game tomorrow…

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The Twins have been one of the more remarkable stories this year. Especially playing in that division.

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

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