Gate C55 Vienna Airport

My depression over the Suns’ loss to San Antonio was offset by Torii Hunter’s grand slam! I played the highlight from the Twins’ web site over anToriid over and at maximum volume. I wanted to make sure that Elton percussionist and Indians fan, John Mahon, heard it.

Due to the time difference, I was unable to watch the game on I wish I could have heard Torii’s 5 for 5/6 RBI performance discussed on Baseball Tonight.***** EuroSport!

Torii Hunter is my favorite Twin and MLB player. Why don’t Bud and company do more to promote Torii? He’s an amazing player and an all-around nice guy. Forget Jeter and Pay-Rod, give the Torii and the Twins some love!

It’s off to the Manchester, England area…

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There is a reason why Torii is not being promoted as well. He is not a great hitter. Most players that get promotions are guys who can flatout hit. Besides I think Torii gets lot of attention as it is on ESPN.

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