Room 701 Edinburgh

From inside room 701 of the Edinburgh Sheraton Grand, I wonder when the Twins’ free fall is going to stop. I wonder if the switch to batting practice jerseys before the June 23 afternoon game against Detroit will stop the free fall.
In 2003 and 2004, the Twins went into similar free falls around the end of June/beginning of July. My fingers are crossed that they will snap out of it once again.

The White Sox seem unstoppable. The Indians and Tigers are slowly creeping up on the Twins. Not even the Royals can be overlooked… It’s not time to panic yet…

The time difference as well as the lack of Baseball Tonight and Sports Center make each loss seem worse. It’s difficult to get a sense of the team’s play by reading game reports online.******, I really miss ESPN. Thank God ESPN mostly limits Chris Berman to football.

The big sports news in the UK is the upcoming England v. Australia Ashes cricket series. Cricket is a little like baseball in the fact that there is pitching (bowling), batting and fielding. Other than that, I have no idea what the **** goes on during a cricket match. It seems to involve umpires in lab coats and men in sweater vests running, fielding and batting. You’ve got to love a sport with a tea interval.

Before the end of the summer, I will vow to learn more about cricket. It’s only fair that I learn about UK sports as the Brits I work with know a lot about US sports.

Interleague play starts once again… HOO-HA if the games involve natural rivals like the Angels v. Dodgers, Mets v. Yankees, Cubs v. White Sox, A’s v. Giants, etc. I can see the Twins playing former World Series foes such as the Dodgers, Braves and Cardinals. The Twins v. the Brewers??? Rivals? Hardly. Who cares? I’d rather see the battle for Texas or Chicago or the Bay Area instead of a contest between two teams whose first name start with the letter M. Lets save the interleague games for former World Series foes and geographic rivals.

Hats off to the Arizona State University Sun Devils who came **** close to the College World Series finals. DEVILS!!!

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