All the so called experts (i.e., John Kruk, et al) can eat my shorts! The Twins are going to the playoffs! The Twins are going to the playoffs! The Twins are going to the playoffs!
Who knew that with all the injuries (Stewart, Radke, Liriano, etc.) and youngsters (Punto, Boof, Garza, etc.) that the team could circle the wagons and get the job done??? I’m sure the boys in the clubhouse knew it could be done!

I ended up “watching” last night’s game on my cell phone. It’s no MLB Game Day but it worked in a Vancouver pinch.

I didn’t realize the ChiSox were playing the Indians last night until this morning when I read the 30 e-mails congratulating me on the Twins’ spot in the post season. I gave Indians’ fan John Mahon a thank you call for the Indians’ help last night.

The Twins work is not done yet. They’ve got to win the division before the season ends. Lets finish this thing off.

More from Canada later…


Congratulations to the 2006 American League Central Division Champion Minnesota Twins!

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


Hey, DC – just checking in with you to see whattup. Would you be conflicted if it’s Torii Hunter & Angels vs. Twins in October? 🙂 Holla


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